Making every meal count


Making every meal count. What do I mean by that? Well, I have a busy job, I travel a lot and I like to cook and bake. However both my bus job and the amount of travelling I do mean I find myself less often in the kitchen than I would like. So whenever I do have the time to be in the kitchen, I try to make the best of that time, by trying new recipes (or perfecting old ones) whenever I can and by trying to make sure that every meal I eat at home is something special. This does not mean I shave fresh truffles over my scrambled eggs (though I certainly would not say no to that), but rather a wish to create something for eery dish, to work with whatever I have to hand and turn it into something delicious, something I would happily eat again.

And that is exactly what I did for lunch the other day. Ever since discovering toast with mashed avocado at the hopelessly hip Caravan on my beloved Exmouth Market, I have been obsessed with mashing ripe hass avocados on toasted sourdough bread, with a sprinkle of salt, pepper and chili flakes for some heat, a squeeze of lime if I am feeling adventurous and a drizzle of good olive oil if I feel like it. Well, folks, yesterday I turned it up another notch – I added smoked salmon and some lemon olive oil to the mix and, what can I say, not only is this lunch ready in the time it takes for my toaster to spit out two nicely browned bagel halves, it tastes absolutely phenomenal.


If it weren’t so simple I would happily write up a recipe for this concoction. As it is, I leave you with an urge to try this next time you have some avocados and smoked salmon lying around. I am sure other types of smoked fish would work equally well, or even some surimi in a pinch (although personally I am certainly a sucker for the orange light green colour combination when using the smoked salmon – how well, can’t win them all!).



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