The weekend

After what seemed like a never-ending workweek (only ending around 11pm last night) the weekend is finally here, packed with meeting up with a friend who had a baby just under 3 weeks ago (god he is tiny! And so cute), heading to the Old Vic to see “Democracy”, a play about Willy Brandt’s last few days in power, dinner at a new to me Mexican place in Soho and hanging out with a friend who just got an amazing new job but who will sadly leave London in a few months. A good weekend indeed.

Made even better by a trip to the little fruit and vegetable stall from my house – much cheaper than the supermarket and always a great selection of seasonal produce. I walked away with fresh asparagus, fennel (yup, still obsessed), fresh cherries, a watermelon, raspberries, some apricots (the dough for an apricot-frangipane galette is chilling in the fridge already), some deep red tomatoes and cute pointy carrots.

Tomorrow is pizza night (in no official way other than that I have declared it such, which really is what matters the most), that, together with dining out tonight, I figured lunch should be something light. I settled on what I like to call a lukewarm salad, I know it doesn’t sound too appetising but it sure tastes great.

I steamed a bunch of asparagus, fried an egg sunny side up, thinly sliced some of those juice tomatoes I bought, scattered some brown lentils on top of the asparagus, added some shaved goats cheese and, with a drizzle of lemony olive oil, some freshly ground black pepper and some fleur de sel, my lukewarm salad was ready, with the egg so perfectly drippy it was a real joy to eat.


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