Chocolate mousse in its purest form


Just a very quick note to say you need to make this recipe asap. It is the most intense chocolatey chocolate mousse I have ever tasted (not surprising given that it contains nothing but chocolate and water) and it was so quick to throw together (I whipped this up while waiting for my pasta to cook).

Me and my flatmate shared this drizzled with some fruity olive oil and a good-sized sprinkle of fleur de sel and although the mousse is very rich, the fruity olive oil and the fleur de sel cut right through the richness (which again makes me think that a chocolate olive oil fleur de sel ganache truffle would be outstanding – need to research recipes!).

So yeah, make this asap!

4 thoughts on “Chocolate mousse in its purest form

  1. I found out about this mousse recipe a few weeks ago and it has been on my mind ever since. I am especially drawn to the science of how this works. I will most likely be giving this a shot soon. I am so intrigued.


    • Try it! You can even make it vegan by using dairy-free chocolate. And it is quick and simple. My parents tried it out the other day and had quite a bit leftover. Apparently the mousse firms up quite a bit when cold (mine never had a chance to get to that stage … ahem …) and can be rolled into truffles and still retains some of the lightness of the mousse.

      I want to try this and see how easy it is to substitute say liqueurs for the water or mix in other flavourings like orange zest for example. Hmmm … where to start …


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