Dark Chocolate Truffles with Sichuan Pepper and Orange


I have always enjoyed making truffles at home – they are simple and quick to make (especially if you skip the step of coating your truffles in tempered chocolate) and just make the perfect present, and not just for Valentine’s Day. I mean, who does not like to receive a box of chocolates to eat all by themselves?

Besides, chocolate goes well with most things so truffles are a perfect way of playing around with your favourite flavour combinations. I love the combination of chocolate and orange – the bitterness of dark chocolate contrasts nicely with the bright citrus flavour. Being naturally zesty and lemony in flavour, Sichuan pepper pairs equally well with all things citrus. A sichuan pepper, orange and chocolate truffle was thus the logical next step. And while Sichuan pepper is most famous for that tingling feeling it can leave on your lips and tongue, in terms of heat, it is actually quite mild.

_MG_7484The recipe for these truffles itself relies on a little less cream than what is typically used for making truffles to give them a firmer set (so they keep their shape better even when kept at room temperature). And while the recipe calls for 2-3 tablespoons of Sichuan pepper, this gives the finished truffles a very subtle kick that lingers just long enough for you to unwrap your next truffle.

This is another recipe I have developed for the Peppermongers so head on over to their website for the recipe.


8 thoughts on “Dark Chocolate Truffles with Sichuan Pepper and Orange

    • Exactly! I always found it amusing how come January the gym would be heaving with people and as soon as it was February it was back to just us regulars. I just think that if you really want to change something you don’t just wait for a new year, you make that change now.


    • Thanks Suzanne – there was a slight technical glitch with a scheduled post going up early. It will appear on the blog today as originally scheduled. Glad you like the recipe.


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