Chamomile Kamut Pound Cake with Pears poached in Chamomile Tea

As much as I like a lemon drizzle cake I am also a big fan of the syrup-drenched and most often tooth-achingly sweet semolina cakes often flavoured with rose or orange blossom water that are common in Middle Eastern baking. This cake is a more delicate take on both ideas – the Kamut pound cake has a subtle floral flavour from a couple of teaspoons of ground dried chamomile flowers that I mixed into the batter and the chamomile syrup made by reducing the poaching liquid from the pears and that is poured over the cake while still warm is a little fruity and not too sweet. A slice of the cake with some of the poached pears and a spoon or two of plain yoghurt on the side make for a wonderfully decadent breakfast or mid-afternoon break. I have to thank the littleloaf for the idea for the chamomile syrup – Kate recently posted about a recipe for a

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Inspiration from the Interwebs

I am afraid I don’t have a new recipe for you today. I have been in Brussels for work this week and am spending the weekend with my sister (who has been living in Brussels for years) catching up, doing a bit of shopping, going out and simply having a good time: waking up over coffee at this place: and maybe eating one of these cupcakes at Lillycup¬†in Chatelain: Instead, I bring you a list of some delicious recipes I have bookmarked in case, you know, you are missing some inspiration. 1. After a week on the slopes, I feel the need to get back to more wholesome foods. Given my sweet tooth, a cookie or two will be needed though. These raw cookies should fit the bill. And, if you haven’t come across Oh Ladycakes yet, do stop by, it’s a gorgeous blog full of recipes I want to try. 2.¬† In the spirit of wholesomeness, this date cake

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