Food photography (2)

Although time has not been on my side these last few weeks, I am trying to make a conscious effort to improve my photography skills. I finally invested in a DSLR camera (mainly because how grainy some of my food pictures came out on my trusted point and shoot) and took this with me on every walk, every outing and snapped away. Then, I ordered this book by Nicole S. Young and not only has it taught me a great deal about using my camera and different sources of light (well, it is still teaching me, I am only about half-way through the book at this stage!) it has also taught me more about composition, different textures, plating etc., basically how to make your pictures look more interesting. Yesterday my sister sent me this link to a food photography blog and while I cannot stop browsing this and absorbing all the helpful tips, I wanted to share the link to

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Food photography reading list

The Guardian – source of infinite reading pleasure – just came out with an  interesting article on food photography:  Not that I have been impressed by the quality of food photography in the Guardian’s food section (the pictures always seem a bit static and stuffy), but there are certainly some interesting tips in this article (including a few more obscure ones like the one about the tampon which did make me chuckle).  There are also plenty of additional helpful comments plus links to gorgeous food blogs which I shall peruse this weekend I think.  Oh and it’s just as well that I stumbled upon the World Foodie Guide’s blog (which sadly has not been operational for about 3 years) today as I then came across another great post on food photography together with a long list of helpful links:  Last but not least, I have just added “Plate to Pixel” to my basket on Amazon.  However much I like reading things online, I

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