Inspiration from the Interwebs

I am afraid I don’t have a new recipe for you today. I have been in Brussels for work this week and am spending the weekend with my sister (who has been living in Brussels for years) catching up, doing a bit of shopping, going out and simply having a good time: waking up over coffee at this place: and maybe eating one of these cupcakes at Lillycup¬†in Chatelain: Instead, I bring you a list of some delicious recipes I have bookmarked in case, you know, you are missing some inspiration. 1. After a week on the slopes, I feel the need to get back to more wholesome foods. Given my sweet tooth, a cookie or two will be needed though. These raw cookies should fit the bill. And, if you haven’t come across Oh Ladycakes yet, do stop by, it’s a gorgeous blog full of recipes I want to try. 2.¬† In the spirit of wholesomeness, this date cake

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Back from Morocco

Alessandro and I got back from our whistlestop tour through Morocco just under a week ago. My bags are unpacked but the mountains of laundry staring into my face every time I step into my room remain untouched. And don’t get me started on the photos we took. Let’s just say I got a little excited with my new camera and ended up taking over 1500 photos during our 2 week trip. But I am hoping to find some quiet time on one of the next weekends to sort through them so I can share some pictures with you of our beautiful trip. And beautiful it really was, from the bustling souks in the old Medinas of imperial cities such as Fez and Meknes to waiting for the fishermen to bring in their morning catch in Essaouira on the Atlantic coast to watching the stars while sleeping in the desert close to the Algerian border, this trip had it all.

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A refreshing watermelon salad and a short trip to the sea

London experienced something of a mini summer this weekend, temperatures climbed into the mid-twenties and it seemed like the entire town had already given up on London getting something remotely resembling a summer this year as no one seemed dress for this mini heatwave (including myself). To make matters worse, as part of my typical Saturday morning coffee break and errand running I had decided to drop some books off at Oxfam, so in addition to a rather heavy handbag I was also lugging a heavy bag full of old paperbacks around with me (which, once dropped off at Oxfam, was quickly replaced by heavy shopping bags). Well, desperate times call for desperate measures and all I wanted when I came home around lunchtime was something refreshing. I had picked up my umpteenth watermelon for this season and decided then rather than eating half my watermelon after my lunch, I would make the watermelon my lunch. My friend Verena had

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