Inspiration from the interwebs – July edition

For this inspiration post, rather than link to mouthwatering recipes like I have done for these posts in the past (here and here), I wanted to highlight a few new (to me at least) blogs I bookmarked recently: 1. Pink Patisserie – not only am I in love with the look of Maria’s blog, I also love her beautifully photographed posts and intriguing recipes (Compost Cupcakes anyone?). 2. Noisette – I first came across Sarah on twitter when we started exchanging tweets on possible flavour combinations (I feel like our tastebuds are very much on the same wavelength). One day I hopped on over to her blog and was floored by all the beautiful shots of mouthwatering baked goods (have a gander around her blog and tell me your chin did not hit the floor when you saw her take on ‘croquembouche’ using hot cross buns). 3. Chantelle Grady – a photographer and stylist who probably does not need much

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