Blueberry and Thyme Buckle – Goes Well With Coffee – 6th Edition

We are already half-way through February and so far I am not sure 2015 is all that. A good friend had a pretty scary car accident in January and while he is lucky to be alive, various broken bones mean he faces a long road to recovery. And maybe it is an age thing, but suddenly numerous friends are having had to deal with sick parents. Yet while the normal reaction to these kinds of news would be to be grateful for your own good health (which I generally am) and to try and live in the moment a bit more (well, I try), I must admit that I have been in a bit of a funk and generally feeling a bit ‘meh’ about everything. But this weekend I decided I had had enough. After three weekends away and with the sun starting to show its face just long enough during the day to remind me that winter is nearing

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Coconut and mixed berry financiers (vegan)

    I finally bought a sofa. In case you are wondering, yes, I have been in Brussels for over a month now and have been without a sofa the entire time. That current state of affairs will likely continue until the end of June as that is approximately when my sofa will be delivered. But I don’t care. It took me forever to pick a sofa (I am the most indecisive person when it comes to decisions with a hefty price tag attached), but I am super happy with my choice. After weeks of looking at sofas in furniture stores, browsing pinterest for inspiration and googling sofa beds for hours after work I finally managed to pick one. I test sat it in store once more on Saturday and had another look at the colours on offer before finally buying it. I chose a beautiful three seater sofa in a salt & pepper coloured wool covering and that just happens to also

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The older I get, the more ambivalent I feel about my birthdays. Long gone are the days where I would run down the stairs excited to open my presents. These days, the highlight tends to be managing to take the day off work (though good presents are obviously still appreciated). However, August is my birthday month and even if I am not a fan of big crowds and therefore haven’t thrown a birthday party in years, a birthday is there to be celebrated in some form or another. And celebrate I did. Not with one, not two, not three, no, with four birthday cakes in total. First there was the box of cupcakes from Lola’s Bakery that my friend Verena gave me and that was devoured together with my parents. There was the Pflaumenkuchen, a plum cake common in Germany around this time of year (the plums are incredibly tart when baked so the cake is eaten covered in sugar

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