Oat and Cardamom Chocolate Florentines

September is usually the month where things slowly return to normality, the emphasis being on slowly. Everyone is back from their annual holidays, schools are starting again and universities are getting busy preparing for the arrival of a new intake of freshers and the return of second and third year students. Yet this year, September is quickly shaping up to be rather busier for me than usual. Work is the busiest it has been since I started my new job in Brussels. After my first day back after my holidays, it pretty much felt like I had never left and I spent part of my first weekend back in Brussels in the office. I also realised the other day that I am away for every single September weekend for one reason or another (various work related events in Switzerland and the Netherlands, a wedding in Copenhagen, a trip home to Germany to visit my family and a weekend in Turin

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Baking with olive oil

I found a brief post on baking with olive oil and how olive oil can be used to replace butter in baking. Although for some recipes butter plays an important role in the flavour of the finished product, I have been meaning to experiment a bit with olive oil – in case you also have nothing better to do than daydream about adapting recipes for no particular reason, here is the article: http://en.julskitchen.com/dessert/olive-oil-cookies-some-notes-on-the-use-of-olive-oil-in-confectionery