Maple walnut, chocolate chip and sea salt scones

A few weeks ago I wrote about my quest to stay away from the coffee chain that shall remain nameless and bake my own breakfast pastries. And yet, no sooner had I finished that tray of lemony muffins that I was back through the doors of that exact same coffee chain. Yes, there were plenty of early starts and late finishes at work (typically both in the same day, never a good combination), but that by itself is no excuse to not buy oatmeal instead of a sugar-laden pastry. So, last weekend I found myself standing in the kitchen willing to be better prepared for the work week. I had come across a recipe for chocolate walnut biscotti and although I did not bookmark the recipe, the flavour combination stayed with me and, having no eggs on hand, I thought about making chocolate chip and walnut scones. And I added some sea salt because what does not taste better thanks

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