Cleaning out my closet (read: pantry)

As I mentioned in one of my last posts, I will shortly be moving to Italy for six months to work in the Rome office of my company. While I cannot wait to eat my way around the city and see how far my Italian will get me when chatting with the produce sellers at Testaccio market, for now my excitement has been replaced with slight freak-outs at the amount of stuff I need to get on top of these last 3 weeks in London (interspersed with being slightly emotional at seeing certain places for the last time and saying goodbye to good friends). While I have started packing (never boring – do I have more stuff than I think? Do I have less stuff than I think? How heavy can I fill one of these boxes? Is this enough bubble wrap?) another key task is to clean out my pantry. I made a huge pot of chili the other

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