Wholemeal Blueberry Muffnuts

For quite a while now I have been seeing posts on US food blogs about baked donuts (edible perspective is even writing an entire book full of recipes for baked donuts). I find these so intriguing I was keen to have a go at them myself. One, Ale is nuts about donuts. Two, as much as I like eating donuts, I am far too clumsy to do any deep-frying. However, it turns out that finding a donut pan in the UK is no easy feat. Also, with my ever-growing selection of different pie dishes, loaf tins in different sizes and some mini Kugelhupf pans I bought in Japan a few years ago and which have not even been used yet, I figured I should not go to any extreme lengths to add to this collection by ordering a donut pan from the US. Alas, the thought of baked donuts would not leave my mind so it came as a happy

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