Garam Masala Couronne

As much as I love Rome and love Italian food, something I do miss dearly from my London days is variety and decent international cuisine. Yes, there are some sushi restaurants in Rome, there is a very good Ethopian restaurant not far from our flat, we have located a Vietnamese that isn’t half-bad and a Thai place that is do-able, but still, restaurants offering international cuisine tend to be few and far between in Rome and most offer food that has been tailored to the Italian palate (a vegetable stir-fry I once had and that consisted of vegetables that had basically been cooked to death is a stellar example, or the many Chinese restaurants serving the rice or noodles before your meat or fish course – similar to the Italian distinction between the ‘primo’ dish of pasta or risotto and the ‘secondo’ meat or fish course). Similarly, for a country that starts its day with sugar-laden pastries, breakfast ‘cookies’ and

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Sticky buns … with an Orange and Chocolate twist

December is here.  This means I have been in Italy for over 1 month now and it is now less than 1 month till I fly home to Germany to see my family (we are not going to talk about what this means for my Christmas shopping, if there is one thing time has taught me is that I will find a present for everyone by the time the 24th of December comes round, however late or early I start the present hunting). I already posted a recipe for a French twist on the typical sticky bun / cinnamon roll recipes, so the recipe for the dough below is the same recipe, again, taken from the Pioneer Woman’s blog. Her recipe for sweet enriched dough (i.e. a basic yeasted dough which is enriched with the addition of fat, here sunflower oil, and sugar) has become my go-to recipe whenever I need a sweet yeasted dough.  Yes, the dough is not

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