Tamarind Curd

Alessandro says I sometimes scare him. Not because of anything I do (although my clumsiness can reach scary heights). But because of what I dream. I often have incredibly vivid dreams and like telling him about my latest nocturnal adventures while we share our first cup of coffee in the morning. The other day I dreamt I was hunting for miniature Christmas trees with my mum, in a shopping centre which does not exist in real life but which I frequent on a fairly regular basis on my nocturnal adventures (mainly because they have this amazing toy store / cake decorating utensil store on the top floor – sadly, I don’t always make it up there before I wake up). Unsatisfied with the rather meagre offering of miniature Christmas trees (no wonder, it was an after-Christmas sale to get rid of remaining stock), we trundled on, browsing the shops here and there and headed towards the upper levels as I

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