Chocolate Garam Masala Snickerdoodles – Goes Well With Coffee – 3rd Edition

This weekend is the first weekend I am spending in Brussels since the beginning of November. While the weather is no different from what it was four weeks ago (Brussels has a tendency to be equally grey and rainy all throughout November to March), there is no denying that Christmas is close – the strings of lights that now connect the buildings on my side of the street with those across the street were the first telltale sign when I came back from my trip to New York over Thanksgiving. The trip itself was everything I could have asked for and more. I slept more than I had in weeks, I tried out some new exercise classes (it turns out I don’t actually hate spinning and Pure Barre is as hard as everyone says it is) and even found a new pair of glasses. But most importantly, I got to hang with my good friend Michelle who didn’t say anything when I

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Far Breton

This space has been a bit quiet lately. Not that I haven’t been in the kitchen but lately there were a few mishaps, some more dramatic than others (like the second birthday cake I made for my mum – I loved my idea of a cake replicating the flavours of a Mont Blanc, but, alas, I managed to burn the dark chocolate ganache. At least it taught me to always trial a recipe before a big event!). The truth is, while a number of things came out of my kitchen that were perfectly edible (some toasted rice infused truffles I made were divine, albeit very different in flavour than what I had expected) none of them were good enough for sharing with you all (although I am hoping to revisit these recipes and present them to you once I have nailed them). But today I have a recipe for you that not only works but is as simple as whisking

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