When life gives you lemons

In addition to all things fennel-related, I also have strong feelings for anything involving lemon and poppy seeds. As a child I wasn’t a fan of lemony concoctions but, as with everything, my tastes have changed as I have become older and now I love the freshness that a bit of lemon zest brings to a blueberry and lemon cake, how lemon zests cuts through the richness of these chewy lemon cookies from How Sweet Eats (I can highly recommend these by the way – I baked them for my reading group some time ago, adding some poppy seeds just because, and what little was left after everyone had gone home was quickly decimated by Alessandro) and indeed how great a contrast the lemon zest is to the sugary icing on the lemon poppy seed muffins from a multinational coffee chain whose name shall not be mentioned. In all seriousness though, however much I try to fight it, some days

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