Momofuku Milkbar Blueberries and Cream Cookies

I cannot quite remember when I first came across Christina Tosi, chef/co-cowner at Momofuku Milkbar (read this interview in the Guardian with Christina if you want to learn a bit more about her) but I have been fascinated by her work ever since. Christina has a pretty unique take on pastry/desserts – taking US childhood favourites and ramping them up a little bit – e.g. by making panna cotta with milk that has been flavoured by letting toasted frosted cereal steep in it. Christina started out by overseeing desserts at David Chang’s restaurant Momofuku in New York before opening what are now five bakeries under the Milk Bar name and her work has become associated with things like Cereal Milk, Compost Cookies and Milk Crumble – a crumble made out of powdered milk and butter which lends a deep and rich, somewhat toasted, flavour to cookies. The first recipe of her Milk Bar recipe book I came across was for

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