Rhubarb Tartlets with Sake Poached Rhubarb, Miso Pastry Cream and Buckwheat Meringue

I did not have any particular reason to make these tartlets other than the fact that this past weekend was a bank holiday weekend and after a few busy weeks at work and weekends away I suddenly found myself not only with 1kg of rhubarb that needed taking care of but also with ample time on my hands. Time clearly best spent making pate sucree, poaching rhubarb, stirring pastry cream and whipping meringue (the laundry always takes care of itself, doesn’t it?). Also, there is hardly anything better than starting your Sunday with a large cup of coffee and a pastry. I don’t follow many rules when it comes to the recipes I share here. But one of my rules is that the recipes should have at least a hint of some inherent logic. So rhubarb is paired with buckwheat, as, botanically speaking, the two form part of the same family (together with sorrel and knotweed). In turn, buckwheat is

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Miso Banana Custard Tart

I spent the Easter weekend in Italy.  Apart from a day of torrential rain and having to catch up with some work, the weekend was all kinds of wonderful, mainly because I got to hang out with my favourite person who doesn’t even get mad anymore when all my talking about food and new recipes means we are so distracted we again miss the right exit on the motorway. There was an insane amount of food the entire weekend, including a rather large burger at a place we had been meaning to try for a while (a 500g beef patty combined with an equally large bun and even Alessandro was keen to share). We had lasagne, as is traditional for Easter around where Alessandro is from. There was both a vegetarian version (Alessandro’s mum is vegetarian) and one made by his dad that was filled with dozens of tiny meatballs the size of peas as well as cake made by

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