Dating for foodies

I came across this article in the Guardian the other day, looking at the role food and, more particularly, the love of food as well as dietary preferences or needs, plays in relationships. I grew up in a family of food lovers. We all cook and talk a lot about food and my inbox is full of emails to and from my parents sharing new recipes. Summer holidays in the south of France were as much an opportunity to relax and unwind over copious amounts of fresh seafood as an opportunity to stock up on case after case of rich, full-bodied French wines and 500g jars of Moutarde de Dijon. Souvenirs from my dad’s business trips were in most cases edible and I will never forget when dad joined me and my mum in London for a concert my choir was giving (and in which I was singing a solo) straight after a business trip to Paris with a suitcase

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