Miso Toffee Rolo

  A couple of weeks ago I bought a 3kg bag of wholemeal spelt flour from the organic supermarket just around the corner of my flat here in Brussels and got started on a new sourdough starter culture. I loosely followed the recipe in the latest Tartine book although I ended up having to rely much more on visual clues and tips I picked up from friends and family with far more experience with all things sourdough (like my mum) as my starter refused to play game and become active within the timeframe set out in the Tartine book. I waited and waited and although I would not say my new kitchen is particularly drafty it took me close to 2 weeks to have a mature starter. Now that I finally have a mature starter, I have already baked a couple of loaves and the results are very promising. I need to work on my shaping and handling of the dough (it is

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