Food photography reading list

The Guardian – source of infinite reading pleasure – just came out with an  interesting article on food photography:  Not that I have been impressed by the quality of food photography in the Guardian’s food section (the pictures always seem a bit static and stuffy), but there are certainly some interesting tips in this article (including a few more obscure ones like the one about the tampon which did make me chuckle).  There are also plenty of additional helpful comments plus links to gorgeous food blogs which I shall peruse this weekend I think.  Oh and it’s just as well that I stumbled upon the World Foodie Guide’s blog (which sadly has not been operational for about 3 years) today as I then came across another great post on food photography together with a long list of helpful links:  Last but not least, I have just added “Plate to Pixel” to my basket on Amazon.  However much I like reading things online, I

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