Two Kitchens Brussels – Supperclubs and Cooking Classes


If you follow me on instagram you will already know that I recently started hosting Supperclubs and Cooking Classes with the lovely Kaja from The Recipe Suitcase.

A fellow expat here in Brussels, Kaja and I bonded over a shared love for all things food related so it did not take long for our initial meetings getting to know each other over lunch or coffee to morph into sessions planning our first Supperclub.

Two Kitchens Menu

Our first Supperclub took place at the end of last year in my cosy apartment in Chatelain, and, as you can see from the above menu, the theme was autumn. Sat around a long table our 12 guests enjoyed a range of different dishes Kaja and I had prepared, starting with freshly baked Sourdough bread and ending with a whole orange cake and cardamom whipped cream washed down with coffee Belga & Co kindly sponsored for the event.  You can read more about our first supperclub here in an article Kaja wrote for Brussels Express.

Sold out within a few hours our first Supperclub felt like a huge success and motivated us to organise more Supperclubs and events. So in the run-up to Christmas, we also organised two cooking classes, teaching how to bake a range of traditional German Christmas cookies, while sipping on homemade mulled wine.

Over the Christmas break, Kaja and I started planning our next Supperclubs for this year and we have just announced the dates for our next dinners – on 2 and 26 February we will be hosting a Citrus themed Supperclub. As the name suggests (and as the menu below shows) each course will have Citrus in some form or another. To book your spot email

farmto table (6)

If you want to reserve a spot at one of our Supperclubs or Cooking Classes or would like to know more about the types of events we organise or would like to collaborate for an event, drop us a line at