About Me

Hello! I’m Sophia, I’m 32 years old and baking and developing new recipes is my passion. Although I was born in Germany I have spent more than half of my life living abroad, most of which was in London. After two years living in the centre of Rome I moved to Brussels in spring 2014. I have a passion for food and all things food-related: my nightstand groans under the weight of cookbooks I read every night before falling asleep and sightseeing for me invariably includes walking up and down foreign supermarket aisles.

While the blog name came about as a play with my last name, ‘real simple food’ is pretty close to how I like to eat. My parents are terrific cooks who have taken it upon themselves  to make as much as they can from scratch (fresh sourdough bread, various jams, pastrami, liver pate, yoghurt, canned tomatoes etc etc etc) and they have definitely installed the same philosophy and approach towards cooking and eating into my sisters, my brother and I. I try to not buy any processed food and other than the occasional fancy chocolate bar (what can I say, I like pretty packaging as much as good chocolate), sweets in my flat are invariably made by me.

While I mainly write about sweet stuff, I try to use wholemeal flour and healthy fats wherever I can and tend to reduce the sugar content as much as possible without changing the character or texture of the final product. Flavour is the most important thing for me and I like playing around with different ingredients from around the world because of the different flavours they bring. I couldn’t agree more with  Anna Hansen from the Modern Pantry who once said:

… I think it’s much more fun to take anything from anywhere in the world and combine it with other ingredients … Instead of seasoning … with salt why not use miso …?“.

Can I use your recipes and/or photos on my website or blog?

Unless specified otherwise, the content and photos on this blog are my own and protected by copyright. If you would like to use any of the content or photos please contact me for permission via my contact page or correctly attribute the source of the content and photos.

I hope you enjoy reading along!

17 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi, I am Anna from http://www.granellidizucchero.com !
    I have decided to nominate you for the Liebster Blog award because I love your blog, it’s amazing, congrats! The Liebster Award is a contest for bloggers with less than 200 followers, it is an easy and nice way to let people know about your blog!! Check my newest post and if you have questions about the award don’t hesitate to contact me!



  2. Hi, just like you I too moved to brussels in April 2014. I am a vegetarian both by choice and custom. Finding vegetarian replacements are proving to be tough here more because of language barrier. I found your site when I was looking for egg replacer for muffins ( my daughter lives for and on sweets). You have mentioned about flax seeds gel can you please tell me where and under what names should I find these in Brussels? You have also mentioned about you trying recipes with garam masalas being an Indian I felt very happy about it. Good luck.


    • Hi Bhuvana, Being a vegetarian in Brussels is not as easy as elsewhere but definitely doable. I think your best bet is to seek out the various organic supermarkets which sell Tofu, Tempeh etc. I like Farm in Ste Catherine or la Tsampa and Tan in Chatelain. There is also a Japanese supermarket near Chaussee de Fleurgat which is great if you are looking for rarer ingredients. The boiled flax seed gel I used was specific to recipes like marshmallows or meringue-like buttercream recipes – I think for muffins you can take an easier route. Many vegan recipes for muffins or quick breads call for flax eggs – you make this by whisking 1 tbsp flax seeds or ground flax seeds with 2.5-3 tbsp water and leaving it to thicken for 15 mins – that will be enough for 1 egg. I have used this technique for muffins, quickbreads and cookies and it works well. If you are generally interested in vegan cake recipes (and don’t mind cup measures), ohladycakes.com has numerous vegan recipes on her site which all look scrumptious. And you might even be able to find flax seeds (also called lin seeds) in larger supermarkets. And yes, garam masala is fantastic – I love cooking and baking with it!


      • Hi Sophie
        Thanks a ton for taking time to reply my query. Will look for flaxseed today and will visit the places you have mentioned this weekend. Yeah living in Brussels have made me a better cook, I am confidently cooking few authentic indian recipes which can easily be store brought back home 😊 thanks again. Good luck


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