Apricot Frangipane Galette

As will be obvious to those who know me (and as will quickly become very obvious from this blog, if not obvious already), I have a deep affection for things that are a bit ‘rough around the edges’ – as much as I like the ‘art on a plate’ presented to us at the Bottle Apostle, I much prefer rustic looking dishes when I cook or bake (well, a bit of rustic interspersed with some gold-sprayed fondant …). Although this is partly due to a lack of artistic talent (and lack of patience), I do think that there is something beautiful and comforting about a misshaped pizza, the haphazard scattering of fresh berries over some freshly cooked pancakes or indeed a pie baked without a pie dish (and being called ‘galette’ – how French and fancy!). When I started coming across more and more recipes for ‘galettes’ I was euphoric – despite Jamie Oliver teaching us that the easiest way

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