Bookmarks – 20 March 2015


When I first started writing this blog I used to do monthly ‘inspiration’ posts and I have decided to bring them back. As much as I enjoy reading other people’s recipes, some of the posts I love the most tend to be the various weekly or monthly link round-up ones, pointing me towards intriguing recipes I have not yet seen or enjoyable articles that have not yet crossed my path. There might not be a ‘Bookmarks’ posts with links to other blogs, recipes or stories every week but there will be new posts regularly. Here is the first set of bookmarks I wanted to share with you:

Ashley’s photos of Morocco are stunning and looking at them had me dreaming back to my own trip around the country with Alessandro a couple of years ago. Ashley’ post is also the reason I chose the photo above to accompany this post – it shows a woven basket hanging off the wall of one of the Kasbah’s we visited on our trip in Morocco. When I took the photo the little pieces of colourful fabric were dancing in the wind making it look as though a colony of butterflies was clinging on to the basket. I took a single shot just as I was walking through the Kasbah and it turned out to be one of my favourite photos from the trip.

This orange and cardamom ice cream sounds heavenly. I am thinking a scoop of Kate’s ice cream and a shot of espresso would make a wonderfully fragrant affogato.

Tara’s book. And Heidi’s new book. And Amy’s book. After keeping them in my amazon basket for weeks, one day I just decided to order them and I cannot wait to get started cooking from them.

This article about how rice is grown is fascinating – who knew there are rice polishing stations dotted all around rural Japan?

This piece by Chad Robertson about sourdough pizza had me day-dreaming about trips to Naples, tracking down the best pizza closest to our flat in Rome and introducing my friend Michelle to our go to pizza place in Turin.

I am trying to track down fresh coriander (no mean feat in my neighbourhood in Brussels it turns out) just so I can make this Somali bizbaz.

2 thoughts on “Bookmarks – 20 March 2015

    • You are welcome – I cannot stop thinking about your ice cream! 🙂 And yes, so many amazing books are coming out but I really should ration myself – I still feel bad for the movers who had to carry god knows how many boxes of cookbooks into my 3rd floor apartment in Brussels as the building has no lift!


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