Garam Masala Couronne

As much as I love Rome and love Italian food, something I do miss dearly from my London days is variety and decent international cuisine. Yes, there are some sushi restaurants in Rome, there is a very good Ethopian restaurant not far from our flat, we have located a Vietnamese that isn’t half-bad and a Thai place that is do-able, but still, restaurants offering international cuisine tend to be few and far between in Rome and most offer food that has been tailored to the Italian palate (a vegetable stir-fry I once had and that consisted of vegetables that had basically been cooked to death is a stellar example, or the many Chinese restaurants serving the rice or noodles before your meat or fish course – similar to the Italian distinction between the ‘primo’ dish of pasta or risotto and the ‘secondo’ meat or fish course). Similarly, for a country that starts its day with sugar-laden pastries, breakfast ‘cookies’ and

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